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OrthoPody CPD Training for Reflexology Practitioners:

rebalancing MusculoSkeletal integrity via Muscle Chains and Fascia

Fascia - The Forgotten System!


Fascia is widely being recognised as an incredibly important Body System in its own right!

Fascia is crucial to whole body communication, force transmission, immune function, proprioception, co-ordination and support of the body.

Annie & Sue have been researching this wonderfully exciting 'system' and are delighted to tell you about our Reflexology CPD training which is based upon treating Muscles and Fascia, the MYOFASCIAL CHAINS in the body. 


OrthoPody Training: rebalancing MusculoSkeletal integrity via Muscle Chains and Fascia .


We use and teach specific Reflexology techniques and follow new charts that we have created on The PodyCharts templates, these charts will be given to you as part of a comprehensive course manual.


OrthoPody Training CPD approval PGCREA - Post Graduate: Centralia Reflexology Education Authority (CREA)

CREA are accredited by OTHM Qualifications   https://othm.org.uk/quality-standards

This programme awards 2 points per hour to high quality CPD training. 

OrthoPody is two days of 7 hours so 14 hours at 2 points an hour = 28 points





"It’s nearly a year since I completed the OrthoPody course with you in Brecon, and thought I’d give you a little feedback.

I use the protocols on many of my clients and am still amazed by the results.   Here are just a few examples:

  • I have had a client who was unable to sit in the Lafuma due to bad mobility issues, but after a few months of OrthoPody sessions their mobility has improved immensely to the point that they now approach and sit in the Lafuma with ease and comfort.  
  • A client who struggled with going up stairs, having to take her time and placing both feet per step, is now a few months later able to walk up the stairs normally, though at a slow pace. 
  • Another had a recurring severe nerve issue in her upper back, to the point her movement was so rigid she was like a statue, a few OrthoPody sessions and her mobility has vastly improved.

I can honestly say it is one of the best courses I have studied since qualifying. Diolch yn fawr"

Siân D 29.02.24


"Love this, thank you! It was 2 amazing days! - and my first client couldn’t believe what her body told her afterwards."  Malene H. 15.6.23 


"Amazing weekend of learning from Annie and Sue. Lovely to be in a space with other wonderful practitioners. Diolch o galon." 
Anwen T  30.5.23


"Amazing weekend, vast amount of information and knowledge from Annie and Sue. More great techniques for the tool box"

Joanne D  30.5.23


"I want to use the techniques with everyone! My posture is so good today that I feel like I'm going to fall backwards at any moment!"
Heather A. 18.04.23 
"Thank you so much! Your teaching styles are admirable, instilling confidence and interest" Sara F. 16.04.23


"The depth of knowledge from Sue and Annie and the fun learning experience made it so enjoyable. Learning tests to provide evidence of their methods is amazing. It has brought a new dimension to my practice."   Fiona M. 08.03.23


"What a wonderful CPD course! My brain is lighting up like fireworks!!"  Marta L. 07.03.23


 "I loved the training, depth of anatomy taught and associated measures. OrthoPody Reflexology equips us with an enhanced treatment approach for the musculoskeletal system and fascia."   Beulah K. 07.03.23


''OrthoPody is a totally brilliant course, I learnt so much, it will transform my practise and how I look at the body and feet now. Absolutely fascinating. Sue and Annie are amazing and so knowledgeable. Highly recommended''  Sian S. 24.05.22


"Totally ground breaking working on the myofacial chains and meridian lines. As one learner said ‘this is more than a string to my bow this is a whole new instrument’ "  Jane P 15.05.22


"I’m still buzzing from the OrthoPody course a few weeks ago! I am finding I am using it in every treatment, I just can’t help myself haha! "
Andy B.  27.06.22
''This course was all about rebalancing MusculoSkeletal integrity via Muscle Chains and Fascia.  Big thanks to PodyStep Ahead for hosting such a mind blowing course!!!!'' Andrea P.  27.05.22


OrthoPody Training



This training programme is about rebalancing MusculoSkeletal integrity via Muscle Chains and Fascia. Ideal for those interested in treatment of clients impacted by MusculoSkeletal compromise and/or injury.


MusculoSkeletal strength and elasticity are often compromised and impacted by issues such as trauma & injury, be that from exercise, sport or a fall, but also from the less obvious things like poor postural habits, the weakening and atrophy of muscles from lack of movement, post operative impact on muscles and fascia, or most commonly, stress and tension. All these factors create inflammation and imbalance which communicates and travels through the length of Muscle Chains and Fascia Tissue.


Accepted anatomical theory states there are eight Muscle & Fascia (MyoFascial) Chains and twelve associated Tension lines which are integral in the strong and stable framework of the body. (Tomas W. Myers, 2014) By re-balancing the fascia, muscles and structures within these Chains, the body is able to return to its optimal integrity of strength, elasticity, capability and importantly, range of movement.

Annie and Sue have charted these eight MyoFascial Chains on the PodyChart templates to give clear and accurate 'micro' representation of the Chains for application in Reflexology.

Whilst studying the 'Anatomy Trains in Structure and Function' course with Tom Myers, Annie discussed Reflexology and representative 'Micro' or 'Imago' work with him, she showed him the OrthoPody Charts, representing his 'Macro' MyoFascial Mapping.  Annie & Sue are delighted that Tom has posted the following statement in which he not only recognises the importance of Reflexology and reflecting Macro onto Micro mapping, but also endorses our PodyChart representation of The Anatomy Trains onto the feet, via OrthoPody!!


OrthoPody Reflexology and Anatomy Trains

Posted September 26, 2022 by Anatomy Trains

From Tom Myers:

I have long been a fan of reflexology – for the feet, hands, ear, and face (and even the genital organs, but I steer clear of that one in this country) all have reflexes that refer out to all the body.  I call this ‘imago’ – an image of the whole body ‘printed’ ion a single part.  Iridology makes a similar map out of the iris of the eye.

I have never ruminated on the connection between reflexology, or ‘zone therapy’ as it was originally called, and the Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians.  Annie Trigg and Sue Evans did, and here are their projections of some of the lines onto the feet.

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of their process, but it was quite impressed with the trouble they took to get the representation right.  I am always happy to see new applications of the Anatomy Trains map – thank you, Annie and Sue!


In order to see the full blog click on the following link:



The OrthoPody training course will teach you how to:

1) Precisely identify the Muscular Chains and Fascia represented on the feet using graphic charts of the eight MyoFascial Chains and twelve  Tension Lines, the MFC Charts.

2) Use field measurement techniques (appropriate for use in your clinic space) on the client, pre and post treatment, one appropriate to each MyoFascial chain. These clearly identify responses and changes in the range of joint movements associated with each Chain, as a result of OrthoPody treatments.

3) Treat the client using a protocol of Reflexology techniques and methodology to rebalance each of the MyoFascial Chains and Tension Lines, including:

*Effleurage *Petrissage *Bi-Manual Duopody *Deep access and touch *Energetic tracing & balancing


Learning methods and materials, a comprehensive teaching manual including:

  • Eight sets of MyoFascial Chain(MFC) Charts imaged on the templates of The PodyCharts. The image below shows the process involved in creating the 24 Charts (3 Charts for each Chain) that you will receive as part of your training!

  • Clear tables detailing the illustrated muscles of each chain, with their associated actions.

  • Detailed anatomical and physiological theory of muscles, fascia and the theories associated with treating the MyoFascial Chains with OrthoPody.

  • Group tutoring, demonstrations and one to one teaching and support of practical application.

  • Link to video footage of an example demonstration treatment.




The MFC Process

Photographs, X-Rays, Micro Skeleton

Muscles, Fascial Chain & Tension Line

Real feet, real bones, real reflection!


OrthoPody Training:

Annie & Sue have been delighted by the responses and feedback to the courses that they have taught in the following venues:


CARDIFF                Inspira-academy.co.uk

BELFAST               Dorothy Kelly Academy

BRECON                 helensheppard9@googlemail.com

COPENHAGEN      https://uk.touchpoint.dk/

We are currently further developing the course and resources and are looking forward to the following dates in 2024: 

CARDIFF                Inspira-academy.co.uk               14th, 15th & 16th Sept, 2024


We are also discussing with other hosts in UK, Europe, USA & Canada so please watch this space!

If you are interested in hosting Annie & Sue to teach OrthoPody at a venue near you, please do contact us via the Contacts page or at info@thepodyshop.com



Many thanks, Annie & Sue



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