Fascia - The Forgotten System!


Fascia is widely being recognised as an incredibly important Body System in its own right!

Fascia is crucial to whole body communication, force transmission, immune function, proprioception, co-ordination and support of the body.

Annie & Sue have been researching this wonderfully exciting 'system' and are delighted to tell you about our Reflexology CPD training which is based upon treating Muscles and Fascia, the MYOFASCIAL CHAINS in the body.  We use and teach specific Reflexology techniques and follow new charts that we have created on The PodyCharts templates. 



''OrthoPody is a totally brilliant course, I learnt so much, it will transform my practise and how I look at the body and feet now. Absolutely fascinating. Sue and Annie are amazing and so knowledgeable. Highly recommended''

Sian S. 24.05.22


Absolutely amazing weekend at Inspira Academy studying OrthoPody. Totally ground breaking working on the myofacial chains and meridian lines. As one learner said ‘this is more than a string to my bow this is a whole new instrument’  Jane P 15.05.22


"I’m still buzzing from the Orthopody course a few weeks ago! I am finding I am using it in every treatment, I just can’t help myself haha! "
Andy B.  27.06.22
''This is what I went to Cardiff for last weekend! This course was all about rebalancing MusculoSkeletal integrity via Muscle Chains and Fascia.  Big thanks to PodyStep Ahead for hosting such a mind blowing course!!!!'' Andrea P.  27.05.22


OrthoPody Training



This training programme is about rebalancing MusculoSkeletal integrity via Muscle Chains and Fascia. Ideal for those interested in treatment of clients impacted by MusculoSkeletal compromise and/or injury.


MusculoSkeletal strength and elasticity are often compromised and impacted by issues such as trauma & injury, be that from exercise, sport or a fall, but also from the less obvious things like poor postural habits, the weakening and atrophy of muscles from lack of movement, post operative impact on muscles and fascia, or most commonly, stress and tension. All these factors create inflammation and imbalance which communicates and travels through the length of Muscle Chains and Fascia Tissue.

Accepted anatomical theory states there are eight Muscle & Fascia (MyoFascial) Chains and twelve associated Meridial Tension lines which are integral in the strong and stable framework of the body. (Tomas W. Myers, 2014) By re-balancing the fascia, muscles and structures within these Chains, the body is able to return to its optimal integrity of strength, elasticity, capability and importantly, range of movement.


The OrthoPody training course will teach you how to:

1) Precisely identify the Muscular Chains and Fascia represented on the feet using graphic charts of the eight MyoFascial Chains and twelve Meridial Tension Lines.

2) Use field measurement techniques (appropriate for use in your clinic space) on the client, pre and post treatment, one appropriate to each MyoFascial chain. These clearly identify responses and changes in the range of joint movements associated with each Chain, as a result of OrthoPody treatments.

3) Treat the client using a protocol of Reflexology techniques and methodology to rebalance each of the MyoFascial Chains and Meridial Tension Lines, including:

*Effleurage *Petrissage *Bi-Manual Duopody *Deep access and touch *Energetic tracing & balancing


Learning methods and materials, a comprehensive teaching manual including:

  • Eight sets of MyoFascial (MCF) Charts imaged on the templates of The PodyCharts.

  • Clear tables detailing the illustrated muscles of each chain, with their associated actions.

  • Detailed anatomical and physiological theory of muscles, fascia and the theories associated with treating the MyoFascial Chains with OrthoPody.

  • Group tutoring, demonstrations and one to one teaching and support of practical application.

  • Link to video footage of an example demonstration treatment.



OrthoPody Training Dates


CARDIFF                    14 & 15 May, 2022                  PodyStep Ahead   (Fully Booked)

CARDIFF                     5 & 6 November, 2022         PodyStep Ahead                                                                      

BELFAST                     4 & 5 March, 2023                Dorothy Kelly Academy


BRECON                      15 & 16 April, 2023                helensheppard9@googlemail.com


COPENHAGEN             7 & 8 June, 2023                https://uk.touchpoint.dk/

Annie & Sue are currently discussing further dates with other hosts in UK, Europe, USA & Canada so please watch this space!

If you are interested in hosting Annie & Sue to teach OrthoPody at a venue near you, please do contact us via the Contacts page or at info@thepodyshop.com



Many thanks, Annie & Sue



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